Friday, September 5, 2008

To copy or not to copy

Please remember that our small family owned business/apostolate depends on you to survive and grow. We strive to make the materials reasonably priced for large families on a tight budget. As a mom of ten who has seen tight times myself, I understand the need to squeeze as much as possible out of every penny.
Because of this, we ask you to respect the copyrights of our materials and not to photocopy pages from the books. This includes member's guides and the art and activity books. They are the heart of the program and each child deserves their own. At $4.50 for each member guide and $3.50 for each art and activity book, they are more than reasonably priced for each child. We have to have these made up by the thousands, so each time they are photocopied rather than purchased, it prevents us from developing more items for Little Flowers and Blue Knights and stifles the growth of all the clubs.
Thanks for your cooperation and God bless! --EHP


Susanne said...

What about using the images from the Little Flowers' Members Guide, once each girl purchases one, to make additional art projects that are not available from the apostolate, such as t-shirts for the girls to design themselves?

EcceHomoPress said...

No, I'm sorry, photocopying is not acceptable. You can have the girls trace the pictures for art projects. We have t-shirts available, but if they are making their own, they should be their own creation, rather than a copy of an existing copyrighted image.

Anonymous said...

What about the verse CD? I am having a hard time telling all the moms they should buy the CD each separately...but for all the girls to have the music is almost essential as it helps SO much! Thanks so much for replying!!

EcceHomoPress said...

Yes, the CD's are also copyrighted and I hope Quiet Waters Productions who produces the CDs doesn't mind my asking your parents to please buy their own copy.
Perhaps you can impress upon your parents that in teaching our girls virtues through the Little Flowers programs, we do it best by example. Copying copyrighted materials is not only illegal, but unjust and immoral also. What kind of impression does this make on our children? How can we teach them virtues yet not live them ourselves? Our actions will speak louder than any wonderful program we've enrolled them in. Thanks and God bless, Joan

cheryl said...

I am looking for a little flowers gruop in Duluth, MN. Thanks.

cheryl said...

I am looking for a Little Flowers group in Duluth, MN