Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beginning a new school year - the life of virtue begins again

I know that our decision to homeschool was the beginning of our life as more committed Catholics.  Part and parcel of that life is a life committed to living with a commitment to the virtues.  With my children watching me almost 24/7 I have a requirement to be on my best behavior - a requirement that is often left unfulfilled.

This year, as in years past, I am once more committing myself to trying to a better reflection of Christ.  I have always tried to give myself a slogan, a campaign as it were, to inspire me as I go through the day.  A phrase or word that will keep me focused on my goals, my plan for the year. 

Much like the political atmosphere we are currently in, I am trying to come up what defines my year of homeschooling.  While we all need 'change', there is no inspiration here for me.  Rather, I am finding the help I need with "Do what you can, I will do the rest".  With "I" being Christ.  I am trying hard not to pretend I am perfect, that I can do it all, that I am more than I am.  I will just strive to give Christ, my children, my husband my best and allow Christ to do the rest.

May your year be blessed and may the Little Flower bless all the Little Flowers -

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