Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Writers! Catholic Writers Conference Registartion Ends Friday

Thought the writer-moms and dads in the group would like to know:

Just a reminder that the Catholic Writers Conference Online registration ends FRIDAY! This is a free conference, with speakers from all areas of Catholic publishing--from the writer to the publisher--covering all areas of writing--from idea generation to query to contract and beyond. Sign up at

Here's a list of presenters and their presentations.

Ami McConnell: Trends In Fiction
Audrey Shaffer: Branding and Your Marketing Platform
Barry Michaels: Feature Article--Ideas and Queries
Bert Ghezzi: Ins and Outs of Publishing
Brian St Paul--Crisis & InsiderCatholic: Meet the Editors of InsiderCatholic
Carolyn Howard-Johnson: 10 Ways to Let Agents Know You are an Amateur
Carolyn Howard-Johnson: Marketing Basics (with Karina)
Colleen Drippe: Driving Writers Crazy--The Editor
Heidi Hess Saxton: The Good Writer
Heidi Hess Saxton: Meet the Editor of Canticle Magazine
Hope Clark: Shy Writer
Hope Clark: Funds for Writers
Karina Fabian: Worldbuilding
Karina Fabian: Marketing Basics (with Carolyn)
Karina Fabian: Virtual Book Tours
Karina, Michelle Buckman, Terry Burns: Contract Essentials
Lea Schizas: Writing the Short Story
Mark Shea: How Faith Connects to Everything
Maya Bohnhoff: Show Me, Don't Tell Me--Character and Dialog
Maya Bohnhoff: Plotting Through Writer's Block
Melenie Rigney: Ethics of Memoir Writing
Melenie Rigney: Book Modeling
Meredith Gould: Self-Publishing as a First Resort
Michelle Buckman: Writing For Teens
Michelle Buckman: The Right Details
Patrice MacArthur: Art of Blogging
Patricia Punt: Writing for the Inspirational Market
Patti Armstrong--Ascension Press: Hooking Your Reader
Pete Vere: Canon Law and the Catholic Writer
Sister Maria Grace-Pauline Books: Pitch Session--Pauline Books
Steve Saffel: Working With a Book Editor
Steve Saffel: Using E-Media to Promote
Sylvia Dohram: Character Development and Dialogue
Terry Burns--agent: Pitching and Working With Agents
Tim Drake: So You Want to Write a Book?
Tim Powers: SFF and Catholicism
Tom Grace: Crafting the Catholic Thriller
Vinita Wright: Making Friends With the Creative/Spiritual Process
Woodenee Koenig Bricker: Writing With Faith But Without Bias

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Little Flowers Girls Club -- Texas Style!

From Beth Leary, Club Leader from North Austin, TX:

"I co-lead the Little Flowers Girls Club of North Austin in Austin, Texas. This is our 4th year to meet. We are repeating Wreath I. Every year, we have had an end of year pot-luck banquet and awards ceremony, which we are planning to have again this year. All of the families meet for a pot-luck dinner in our parish "dining room". After dinner, the girls sing a few pre-selected, rehearsed songs, and then individually speak for a minute or two about a saint, virtue, or activity that they especially enjoyed learning about during the year. After that, we call them up one at a time to receive the whole wreath of flowers that was earned during the year. "

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sew, don't glue

Just a quick reminder that the Little Flowers Girls' Patches are meant to be sewn on, not glued or ironed on. I've received numerous phone calls in the last few weeks complaining that that hot glue has destroyed badge and/or sash or that badges were ironed on and subsequently lost.

The best way to attach a patch is to sew it on with a machine using clear, monofiliment thread in the top and white thread in the bobbin. If you don't have a machine, perhaps your group has a mom who is willing to do this for the group instead of planning a craft, bringing a snack or leading a lesson. If there is no one in the group willing to sew on patches, a local alteration tailor or dry cleaner usually is willing to do it for a small fee. It will save you money and little girls' tears if you sew the patches on rather than chance it with other methods.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Safe Candles

Here's an idea especially good for younger girls who you may not want to carry lit candles. These are great for ceremonies, processions, prayer tables, etc. The ones I found are in several different styles, battery operated, safe and inexpensive. You could also probably find them at your local craft store. Click on the candle at left to take you to the Sunshine Discount Craft store.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Easy Box Birdfeeder

Spring is in the air! In Minot, North Dakota, that means that the temperature is above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and folks are putting away the winter jackets and putting on the shorts.
It's also time for birds to return. Here's a nifty little bird feeder my son Alex (9) put together.

One thing I love about Alex is that if I leave him alone long enough, he'll grab some spare stuff, make up a project and put it together himself. He did this one to fulfill a boy scout requirement.

Get a thick cardboard box--Capri Sun boxes work very well.
Cut a door about 3 inches tall by 4 inches wide in the top for putting the food in. (Alex gave it a bend to make it easier to open.
Cut a slot about three inches from the bottom. Slot should be 2 inches tall by 3 inches wide.
Put two eyelets into the area below the slot, about half an inch in from the sides. Feed a dowel through the eyelets.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

May is just around the corner!

Time to get ready for your Clubs' May Crownings and Teas!

A May Crowning isn't complete without some beautiful traditional Marian Hymns. The Wreath 3 CD contains some of the prettiest and most popular Marian and Eucharistic hymns. We listen to it all year round in our house. Click on the CD cover for ordering information.

Another Marian favorite in our house is Behold Your Mother a two-CD pack from the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi (OK, I'm daughter's companions are the beautiful voices on the CD). Having been at their motherhouse for solemn rosary where they sing these songs between each decade, I can tell you the experience is a definite slice of heaven. Click here for more information.

What's your favorite Marian CD? Add it in the comment section!