Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Soldiers of Obedience

Here's a great craft by Laura Roche: making soldiers for the virtue of obedience, St. Joan of Arc. Laura made these with 14 girls ages five and up.

Laura says:

I used the directions from this site for making a clothespin doll (without the sleeves). http://www.ourcanadiangirl.com/fun/fun_marie.php We added the shield and banner (made from card stock and craft store match sticks)...and a carnation (craft store--couldn't find white) to complete the St. Joan of Arc. The clothespin bottom holders helped while assembling the ornaments--especially while gluing on the hair.I had the felt pieces (cut ahead of time), pipe cleaner, clothespins, etc. in a baggie and gave them to the girls to put together with tacky glue and fine-tipped markers.I've also seen an idea to make saint ornaments with craft spoons on this blog http://alice.typepad.com/cottage_blessings/2007/10/spoons-for-all-.htmlEach saint from the different wreaths could be made and secured to a wreath made at the beginning of the year. If you're making crafts of saints, these links are helpful to remind us of the saints' specific symbols: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_symbology

Thanks, Laura!

Little Flowers in China!

They aren't quite the same as groups here, but I wanted to share the work of this graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville who started a home for dying Chinese orphans in 2007. The Loving Heart Home for Dying Orphans http://www.chinalittleflower.org/ relies totally on donations to continue its work.

Maybe your Little Flowers Girls' Club group would like to do a fundraiser for these orphans? The pictures of the orphans are on the website. Each girl could adopt one and raise funds for that girl. If you can't do a fundraiser for the China Little Flowers, perhaps your girls could send a spiritual bouquet to them?

One of the amazing results from this work is the transformation of Chinese women. In China, a child is valuable only if it is perfect. An imperfect child is cast aside to make room for a perfect child. The work with the orphans has shown the Chinese women who help out the value of each life and the beauty of every soul. Just goes to show you how one young woman, following the promptings of the Holy Spirit, can change hearts.

God bless!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I know it sounds odd that I would start a discussion of virtues with this first virtue in Wreath 3, but I've noticed that a lot of clubs are beginning their year of virtues in January rather the traditional Fall months (for which I am very grateful!). On top of that, I get quite a few calls and emails a year wondering what in the world is "Eutrapalia?" Moms can't find it on line or in the dictionary or encyclopedia. Well, gues what? I did find it in a dictionary. My son brought home a Greek/English dictionary and there, under the E's is Eutrapelia. It is basically, "good wit," "gaiety" or "pleasantness." Rachel calls it, "Modest Relaxation" in the Wreath 3 Leader's Guide. (for a more thorough explanation, please see this manual).

It reminds me of a Marie Bellet song on her CD, Lighten Up that my children say is "my song." Mother, you are worried about very many things. Sometimes we, too, have to Lighten Up and make sure we see the joy in our world...in our families, our parishes and our Little Flowers groups, too! As with all the rest of the virtues, we, as the LFGC leaders, we need to lead by example and show the girls Eutrapelia even before we teach it. That way, when they see our example, they'll have a really good idea what the virtue is all about.

BTW, Eutrapelia is spelled wrong on the badges, which we'll fix the next go around. But, as my dad always said..."It's all Greek to me!"

God bless,

Ecce Homo Press

Friday, February 22, 2008

Featured Items

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