Monday, January 28, 2013

Little Flowers Fast Facts

Did you know?

*The first Little Flower Girls' Club met in Rachel Watkins (LF Creator) in her Baltimore City rowhome in 1993.

*The inital materials for Wreath I were photocopied papers distributed through TORCH homschool groups in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and as far away as British Columbia, Canada.

*Ecce Homo Press (Behold Publications) began publishing Little Flowers materials in 1999.

*Quiet Waters Productions developed the first badges for Little Flowers in 2001.

*Today there are over 5000 Little Flowers worldwide, including Australia, Italy, Germany, the UK, Canada and the US.

*All sewn materials (sashes, bandanas, aprons, capes, breastplates, etc) are made at our warehouse or by stay at home moms. We make about 2500 sashes a year.

*Each group is autonomously run using program materials. There is no national dues or mandatory registration of groups. Groups can be run in the family, homeschool groups, neighborhood, parish, or school.

God bless you all in your work for His work!
Joan Stromberg

Last Week for Badge Contest!

Our Year of Faith Badge Contest entry deadline is this Thursday, January 31st. Entries will still be accepted if postmarked or submitted to by midnight, January 31st.

For complete details and prizes go to:

For examples of badge entries so far, check out our YouTube Channel here: