Sunday, February 14, 2010

No blogging due to snow - But let's talk about LOVE!

We are still digging out from the four plus feet of snow here on the East Coast. This resulted in computer problems which have since been worked out.

And what a joy that I can post a bit of my nonsense on Valentine's Day when we celebrate love. Love for God, our Church, others and ourselves. Yes, ourselves. On a day when we tend to make sure everyone around us knows we love them, take some time to give yourself a little peptalk and love letter.

In today's culture, when family size is being debated on the cover of People magazine and public figures are publicly and unapologetically indiscrete our decision to be open to life and true to our vows and God's call can be difficult.

St. Valentine knew the power of a good letter (taking a page from Sts. Paul and Peter and the other NT writers) in encouraging his people onward during difficulties. Letters have power to build up or tear down. Take a moment to build yourself up.

Write yourself a love letter - tell yourself all that you do that make you proud. List your own accomplishments and celebrate being Catholic, faithful and proud of it.

While our family's have told us today, make time to tell yourself and set the letter aside so that you have it turn to when life gets you down.

And here's my love letter to you - thank you for carrying on. You all make me so proud of being involved in something so wonderful.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Therese, the Little Flower song!

If you are not familiar with Nick Alexander, songwriter and comdedian, you should check out his stuff. It is great! My teens love it and so do I. Here is a song on St. Therese to the tune of "Electric Avenue." Too cute!

Click at the top right to hear the song.

God bless, Joan