Monday, September 29, 2008

Bogged down by blogging

Forgive my absence as I found myself bogged down by life so the blogging had to go.  Matt had to spend a week in San Diego and I do not do single parenting at all well.  Does anyone?  

I found myself praying hard for single parents who have to do it full-time.  I was only on for five days and I got to talk to Matt in the morning before he headed out to meetings and before I went to bed.

There are several saints who endured life alone while raising children.  Are any designated as patron saint of single parents??

I am back to 'normal' as Matt came home safely on Saturday.


EcceHomoPress said...

My turn to be single parent, Rachel. Bob is in Mexico all week and I'm holding down the fort. I, too, will offer it up for struggles in single parent families.
God bless! Joan

Anonymous said...

I do not know if she is the patron saint of single parents, but St. Margaret of Cortona was a single mom. St. Elizabeth of Hungary's husband died early and she was left with her young children alone and banished by rather unkind in-laws. St. Gianna Beretta Molla's husband travelled a lot for work. In her letters you can sense her real longing for her husband's company and his fatherly presence for their children. A number of women saints parented their children alone following their husbands' deaths.

Sherrie (RCMama) said...

Hello! I am so glad to have found your blog. My friend and I are contemplating starting up a Little Flowers group in our town, as there are none anywhere near here. Do the girls enjoy it? Is it like having religion lessons or more like scouting? My kindergarten daughter is so sad that she cannot be in Cub Scouts with her brother. We will not permit her to join Girl Scouts.