Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Enters the Fall

I will readily admit that fall is my favorite time of year.  My affection for the season comes not only from the fact that birthday is in September but from the reality of the cooler weather.  In my battle (small skirmishes for the most part) with MS, my health is decidely better when the humidity is low along with the temps.

I also truly love the 'new beginnings' a school year offers.  New notebooks, not yet filled with any writing offer us a chance to write new stories.  New planners, not yet filled with commitments allow us to new dreams of what we will do and what will happen.

But in reality - my planner is already filled as I have offered it - through my commitment to Christ and His path - to His commitments, His plans and His work.  As a result I try to discern if what I am writing down, if my commitments and plans are His and mine in tandem or all me, all the the time.

The same is true for my notebooks.  My writing, my work is also His.  I can only hope that what I write, what I do is all Him, all the time.

I readily laugh at the irony of "Fall" as I know I will 'fall down' in both of these resolutions time and again.  We all do, we all will.  But I will strive that as I fall I will remember that I can rise again, just as the tempuratures.  I just shouldn't wait weeks or months to rise but today.  Love the fight and not the fall.  I will continue to love the season of fall and all it brings but never will I love the fall of my resolve or my sins.


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