Monday, September 29, 2008

Bogged down by blogging

Forgive my absence as I found myself bogged down by life so the blogging had to go.  Matt had to spend a week in San Diego and I do not do single parenting at all well.  Does anyone?  

I found myself praying hard for single parents who have to do it full-time.  I was only on for five days and I got to talk to Matt in the morning before he headed out to meetings and before I went to bed.

There are several saints who endured life alone while raising children.  Are any designated as patron saint of single parents??

I am back to 'normal' as Matt came home safely on Saturday.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who doesn't feel their age!!

Today is my birthday and Talk Like a Pirate Day!, I am not sure which gives me more delight :-).

While I am not embarrassed by my age, I have reached the point where it does become an issue.  Most women my age do not have children who are 17 mos. old (not to mention 10 others).  There is also the 'oh, you're that old look'.  

You may know what I am talking about.  You meet someone someone for the first time, who is younger than you.  They may think you are closer in age because you have children the same age or belong to the same book club or activity.  Once they discover how old I am, I can perceive a slight clouding of the eyes.  Our five, ten or more years of difference can make all the difference to them.  I am now perceived to be old.

But I am not old!  Despite my age, I feel much younger and my mother will still state as she did at my marriage (I married real young) that I've 'always been a bit immature'.  I guess I just can't get my head around this age thing.

For one, I look better (according to my husband) better than I ever have due to working hard on calories in/calories out.  I am more confident in myself and my life which gives me more energy.  

But more importantly, I can only imagine the women of my mother's life at my current age.  My best friend's mom, my mom, other mom's....they were my age when I was in high school and they seemed so old back then.  And, I AM NOT OLD.

Am I the only one who feels this way?   Is my mom right and I am immature?  Or as the saying goes - you may have to get older but acting old is a choice!

To make it even better - my family (older brothers and sisters - I have 8 of those) has added the word 'forty' to our list of f-words that can never be said.   As a result we have all remained thirty-something.

So, in case you were wondering - today I am thirty-sixteen.  A fine age to be I think!  1962 was a very good year!

May the Little Flower continue to bless all the Little Flowers

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How I love the woman of today's gospel!

Today's gospel from Luke which tells of the story of the woman wiping Jesus' feet w/ oil always gives me such encouragement.  How many times have I disappointed Christ, how many times "the woman in the city, who was a sinner".  How awful for her that her sins were so well-known.  We can hide ours (at least most of them in the dark of our homes and the corners of our souls), but she was known to all as a sinner.  Can you even imagine this type of life, this existence on the edge of society?  But this did not cause her enough embarrassment that she was going to let Jesus pass her by.

Don't let our sinners to cause us let Jesus pass us by.  He is waiting for us, every day in the tabernacle, awaiting our arrival to supper with Him at Mass.  Let us go, wash his feet with our hair, and let Him know of our deep love.  If possible, why not take yourself and your children to confession this weekend and show Him there your love.  How good it will feel to hear - Your sins are forgiven,  go in peace.

How do you eat an elephant??

One bite at a time!  

So should be our lives.  But we often forget that don't we?  Today, I had a day where I was taking more than a mouthful, barely chewing and swallowing well before I should have.  As a result, I am ending this evening w/ a bad case of spiritual indigestion.  Happily for us, God has provided His own brand of Pepto-Bismol.  Prayer.  

I shall go to bed with my children.  Wrap my rosary around my hand and hope I fall asleep before I finish.  I'll ask my guardian angel to finish it for me and help me awake tomorrow with a commitment to eat my elephant more carefully tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Enters the Fall

I will readily admit that fall is my favorite time of year.  My affection for the season comes not only from the fact that birthday is in September but from the reality of the cooler weather.  In my battle (small skirmishes for the most part) with MS, my health is decidely better when the humidity is low along with the temps.

I also truly love the 'new beginnings' a school year offers.  New notebooks, not yet filled with any writing offer us a chance to write new stories.  New planners, not yet filled with commitments allow us to new dreams of what we will do and what will happen.

But in reality - my planner is already filled as I have offered it - through my commitment to Christ and His path - to His commitments, His plans and His work.  As a result I try to discern if what I am writing down, if my commitments and plans are His and mine in tandem or all me, all the the time.

The same is true for my notebooks.  My writing, my work is also His.  I can only hope that what I write, what I do is all Him, all the time.

I readily laugh at the irony of "Fall" as I know I will 'fall down' in both of these resolutions time and again.  We all do, we all will.  But I will strive that as I fall I will remember that I can rise again, just as the tempuratures.  I just shouldn't wait weeks or months to rise but today.  Love the fight and not the fall.  I will continue to love the season of fall and all it brings but never will I love the fall of my resolve or my sins.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

By our fruit (flowers??) we are known...

Today's gospel - Luke 6:43-49 contains that stop you in your tracks verse - "For every tree is known by its own fruit."  One of many verses (too many to count verses!) in Scripture that make me pause.  How clearly could it be?  You will known by the fruit you produce.  I find it interesting that there is no number here - the verse is not 'known by how much fruit' - but just the its own fruit.  

I mention this because I was again confronted recently by the comment that I 'must' be holy because I am the mom of a large family.  None of my children were around when the comment was made which spared me their snorty laughs as they would beg to differ.  

Let us be clear - while we are called to be fruitful and multiply - but we all know that God's plan for each family is as unique as His plan for each fruitful plant in His beautiful creation.  A pineapple plant creates one amazing fruit while other plants such as apples and oranges produce a multitude.  But as we all know from eating fruit, there can be some real clunkers in a seemingly beautiful bowl.

The challenge then is for us to be sure to give care and regard for each fruit we are growing regardless of number.  Each one unique, requiring individual care and love.  

And while I am in no position to 'change' the Scriptures, I can't but smile and wonder about the flowers we produce as a result of our desire to all be Little Flowers.  How many seeds of faith can we sow today?   Can we leave behind some buds of love for neighbor today as we go out and about in our tasks?  Would God look down on the flowers we live and leave today and smile knowing these 'fruits' of our labors are as pleasing to Him as any fruit.

May the Little Flower bless and watch over all Little Flowers!   

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lonely Little Flowers

As strange as it may sounds, my own daughters here at home are without a Little Flower Chapter.  I thought I'd throw out the idea that perhaps we could form a virtual chapter somehow via this blog-site.  

If you are doing LF w/ your daughters and w/out the benefit of a chapter, let me know.  Perhaps we can work something out that would allow us to connect.

I'm not sure how it would all work out as I am not the most tech-savvy person out there but we could try it!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beginning a new school year - the life of virtue begins again

I know that our decision to homeschool was the beginning of our life as more committed Catholics.  Part and parcel of that life is a life committed to living with a commitment to the virtues.  With my children watching me almost 24/7 I have a requirement to be on my best behavior - a requirement that is often left unfulfilled.

This year, as in years past, I am once more committing myself to trying to a better reflection of Christ.  I have always tried to give myself a slogan, a campaign as it were, to inspire me as I go through the day.  A phrase or word that will keep me focused on my goals, my plan for the year. 

Much like the political atmosphere we are currently in, I am trying to come up what defines my year of homeschooling.  While we all need 'change', there is no inspiration here for me.  Rather, I am finding the help I need with "Do what you can, I will do the rest".  With "I" being Christ.  I am trying hard not to pretend I am perfect, that I can do it all, that I am more than I am.  I will just strive to give Christ, my children, my husband my best and allow Christ to do the rest.

May your year be blessed and may the Little Flower bless all the Little Flowers -

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I feel a bit guilty at saying that I've not posted due to a busy summer as I wasn't the one having a baby!!  However, it has been a complicated summer here at the Watkins' house, in addition to computer issues.

Having resolved the computer issues (thanks, Matt!) and the calm of another homeschooling year :-) here, I hope to add some thoughts and ideas on Little Flowers.  Your input on what you'd like to see from me would be helpful.  I would prefer to write on things that you need or want rather what I think is important.

Much love from my house to yours and know you are all in my daily prayers...May the Little Flower keep  all Little Flowers in her prayers!

Friday, September 5, 2008

To copy or not to copy

Please remember that our small family owned business/apostolate depends on you to survive and grow. We strive to make the materials reasonably priced for large families on a tight budget. As a mom of ten who has seen tight times myself, I understand the need to squeeze as much as possible out of every penny.
Because of this, we ask you to respect the copyrights of our materials and not to photocopy pages from the books. This includes member's guides and the art and activity books. They are the heart of the program and each child deserves their own. At $4.50 for each member guide and $3.50 for each art and activity book, they are more than reasonably priced for each child. We have to have these made up by the thousands, so each time they are photocopied rather than purchased, it prevents us from developing more items for Little Flowers and Blue Knights and stifles the growth of all the clubs.
Thanks for your cooperation and God bless! --EHP

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Looking for a Little Flower Group?

Little Flowers Girls' Clubs are indepently operated at the local level. There is no national database or registration of groups. They are operated in homes, homeschool groups, parishes and schools. Check with your local Catholic homeschool group or Catholic parish for a group near you.

Check the "leader's support" section of the website: for a yahoogroup of 900+ leaders that may have information of a group near you.