Friday, September 19, 2008

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who doesn't feel their age!!

Today is my birthday and Talk Like a Pirate Day!, I am not sure which gives me more delight :-).

While I am not embarrassed by my age, I have reached the point where it does become an issue.  Most women my age do not have children who are 17 mos. old (not to mention 10 others).  There is also the 'oh, you're that old look'.  

You may know what I am talking about.  You meet someone someone for the first time, who is younger than you.  They may think you are closer in age because you have children the same age or belong to the same book club or activity.  Once they discover how old I am, I can perceive a slight clouding of the eyes.  Our five, ten or more years of difference can make all the difference to them.  I am now perceived to be old.

But I am not old!  Despite my age, I feel much younger and my mother will still state as she did at my marriage (I married real young) that I've 'always been a bit immature'.  I guess I just can't get my head around this age thing.

For one, I look better (according to my husband) better than I ever have due to working hard on calories in/calories out.  I am more confident in myself and my life which gives me more energy.  

But more importantly, I can only imagine the women of my mother's life at my current age.  My best friend's mom, my mom, other mom's....they were my age when I was in high school and they seemed so old back then.  And, I AM NOT OLD.

Am I the only one who feels this way?   Is my mom right and I am immature?  Or as the saying goes - you may have to get older but acting old is a choice!

To make it even better - my family (older brothers and sisters - I have 8 of those) has added the word 'forty' to our list of f-words that can never be said.   As a result we have all remained thirty-something.

So, in case you were wondering - today I am thirty-sixteen.  A fine age to be I think!  1962 was a very good year!

May the Little Flower continue to bless all the Little Flowers


Nadine said...

I'm at my prime for finger-painting, beachball tossing, grass-hut building and star-gazing. I'm thirty-fourteen and my youngest son is 7 mos. The younger generations perception of me is humorous, especially the check-out girl (under 20 yrs old) at the grocery store who was shocked to find out my son was mine and I wasn't the grandma. I think it's fine, I am a grandma too! I just happen to have my own child with me that day! I'm enjoying this time with my young ones, it will soon all pass, as my oldest is 24, and I can attest to watching them grow and start their own families. Having children this young makes me live in the present and that is what keeps me young! God bless!

EcceHomoPress said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

As someone a whole year older than you with a brand new baby, I can tell you that you are NOT old. I am, though. Older than dirt.

I do like the look I get when I tell people my age. They always say, "I would never guess you were THAT old!" I think it's a miracle I gave birth to three beautiful children in my 40's. God is good! All the time! Have a great birthday, Rachel!

Love you! Joan