Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lonely Little Flowers

As strange as it may sounds, my own daughters here at home are without a Little Flower Chapter.  I thought I'd throw out the idea that perhaps we could form a virtual chapter somehow via this blog-site.  

If you are doing LF w/ your daughters and w/out the benefit of a chapter, let me know.  Perhaps we can work something out that would allow us to connect.

I'm not sure how it would all work out as I am not the most tech-savvy person out there but we could try it!


Susan Marie said...

My two girls ages 8 and 10 and I and my Mom are having our first meeting of the Little Flowers Girls Club this Friday at 2 pm. We are just us. At the first meeting I I have planned to read about St. Theresa and decorate our club shirts and club bags. The girls are going to write the memory verse from the prayer: May I always do the little things of life extra well for the love of God in a little scrap book I made for each of them to paste their club activities. I found a little craft in Catholic Traditions in the Home and Classroom on pg. 235 called Good Deed Beads, it is to do for St. Therese's feast day and I am doing that with the girls as well. Nana is doing tea and treats. I hear the girls are to decorate cupcakes. I was planning on also doing two girl books with the girls during our meetings The Care and Keeping of You: The American Girl Body Book and Mother's Little Helper from Angelus Press. I hope to finish the books in a year. We are doing one Saint a month for nine months meeting each Friday for wreath one. I would love to form a virtual chapter with you. I am a homeschooling Catholic Mom of three children. A son, 11, and two daughters I mentioned above. I just found your blog last night and put you in my google reader that is how I caught this post of yours.
Susan Marie
P.S. I have a blog I just started it is here

EcceHomoPress said...

We also have a great Little Flowers Leader's yahoogroup with about 900 leaders that share ideas, thoughts and tips on crafts, activities, ceremonies, service projects, and how to run a group. They are an invaluable resource! You can sign onto the yahoogroup through the "Leader's Support" page in the Little Flowers section at
Thanks for posting Rachel and Susan, too!

Jenn said...

My daughter (5 yrs) and I would love to join your virtual group. We recently purchased some materials but are not as far along as Susan Marie and her girls. We could check back, I suppose, when we get "up and running". I had to write, however, because we are definitely Lonely Little Flowers.