Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why do we think blessings are easy....

The word 'blessing' brings forth pleasant thoughts doesn't it?  The blessing of a new baby, the blessing of a healing, an answered prayer, or a new job.  Blessings are good.

But let us be honest and readily admit that blessings are also hard.  At times our best blessings come from some of our worst experiences.  I have come to see that my MS is a blessing - of sorts. Matt's and mine early marriage struggles drove us to marriage counseling.  The blessing of that time extends to this day.  

Blessings are good, very good but please don't ever look at them as easy.  The blessing of a large family certainly comes with a good deal of work - rarely seen as 'easy'.   The hard work of raising good and holy kids is not easy but the blessings are seen when they go from your home to live good and holy lives.  

Blessings are good but not always easy.  So, when life becomes hard don't dismiss it as a punishment but take a moment to breathe and ask God to reveal the blessing He has hidden in the midst of the challenge.

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