Monday, February 23, 2009

Two Items of Note

1.  Blessed Damian of Molokai is to be a saint!  This a great news.  He has always been a favorite saint of mine as I am of Belgian heritage (my Dad), my dh's middle name is Damian and my youngest son, Damian Joseph is named in this new saint's honor.  His story is inspiring and encouraging especially now in our own hard times when we can feel that what God is asking of us is impossible.  Please read (or re-read) his story for yourself and your children.  

2.  Today's gospel (Mark 9:14-29) could be our mantra on a daily basis - Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.   For we do believe, don't we?  But we also don't believe.  This is a fight we struggle with every day.  What we BELIEVE fighting against what we see and what we feel - our UNBELIEF.  Perhaps we can ask Bl. Damian to help us stay where we believe and not linger in our areas of doubt.

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