Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lent is fast approaching....

Only a week (and a day) away - are you ready?

Lent is one of those marvelously, awful times when we can want to do so much as there is so much to do - our faith has given us so many traditions to do ourselves, share with our children and enrich our family's life.

BUT we often attempt so much that halfway through Lent we end up frustrated and either do not complete anything or we finish it with anger and frustration.  The "We will do the Stations of the Cross every Friday and you'll like it or else" conversations.  Sound familiar??

This Lent, for my family, I am being more selective in what we do.  I will not/cannot do it all so I am not going to try.  This is not a case of good vs. good enough as that should not be your attitude when it comes to holiness, but rather a mindset of doing what we can and doing it well.  
Perhaps you may will want to choose one small activity or prayer each day - perhaps the gospel or the psalm response from Mass and then perhaps one activity each week.  Perhaps it will be the Stations of the Cross or perhaps not.  There are many good resources out there - take the time now to find what you like and what will enrich you and your family's life. 

At the end of Lent, the question will not be how much did you do but rather how did you grow in love of Christ and each other, and in holiness.   

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