Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today's gospel is a nice fit w/ yesterday's post....

I've never liked today's gospel - it is from Mark 7:24-30 where the Syro-phoenician woman comes seeking a healing for her daughter and she is told, by Christ himself, that she is no more than a dog!!

How could Christ do this?  Meek and mild??!! Ha!  He's mean and nasty!  

No, he's not.  He is all-wise and knew that while the comment - the process of receiving the blessing, the healing - might not be comfortable it was necessary.  Necessary for whom is under debate and discussion .  Necessary for the woman to develop her persistence.  Was it necessary for the listeners in the house who would expect Jesus to send her off as He is a Jew - imagine their amazement to see Him not only take her 'backtalk' but give her the healing she asked.  

Was it merely necessary for us - the Christians of the 'future' who would debate and debate what it meant?  I'm not sure.

All I know is that I remember this reading when I am praying for something from God - I don't give up and I'm known to give Him some backtalk.  I also remember than my own pride often stands in my way of the blessings God wants to send.  I need to be willing to humble myself and ask for what I want..... 

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