Friday, February 20, 2009

Stretching ourselves

Yesterday's post about the tough stuff we do as parents came from a comment I read in the newspaper.  A parent was being interviewed and made the oft-heard comment, "I'd do anything for my kids, I'd die for my kids!"

I agree wholeheartedly but I had to wonder.....How many parents will say that are willing to die for their kids but wouldn't consider praying with their kids?  How many  parents will go to extreme means to give their kids anything they ask but won't take them to church?  How many of us would buy our children whatever they want but can't seem to tell them about Jesus??

I know I use this path of questioning sometimes when I head off to confession.  What was I willing to do for my kids over the past weeks/month and what wasn't I willing to do??  I have come to realize that when it comes to my kids it is truly a fight between the sins of commission and the sins of omission.  The things I do -lose my patience, yell, grump and complain - and the things I didn't do - witness selflessness, offer to pray with them, show them Jesus fight for first on the list.

I am truly willing to die for my children but I struggle daily to die to myself for them.

God Bless,

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tiffanywash said...

your posts are inspiring...there is so much truth to them