Friday, February 27, 2009

Understanding God's Will

Knowing God's will is a complex theological issue debating for centuries.  It is also as simple as smiling to those who pass our way.

My dh and I have been discussing knowing God's will - reading St. Alphonsus Ligouri's "Uniformity with God's Will" for Lent (available on-line at  We were talking about how the path of knowing God's will goes from the broad to the delicate.  

Early on in our marriage God had to use a broad brush with us as we came to know and understand the Church's teachings and His will.  We had some really big stuff to bring into line - from understanding marriage as a sacrament to issues on family planning.  Over the past two decades He has continually taken a brush to our lives helping us to become more and more subtle in our lives of holiness.  

Much like our children - who first scribble with the fat crayons, move onto the standard Crayola and when ready we allow them markers.  God has been painting the life He wants me to lead.  At times I am a willing subject, others not so much.

The challenge with these delicate issues is that they can be a bit tricky.  The reality is that while were is much we all need to consent to - the hierarchy of truths - there is latitude in the some o the small stuff.  For example, while contraception is never right, TV might not always be always wrong.  

Hearing God speak of the subtleties of our soul is not easy.  We can hear the trumpets that blast in our heads with the 'big' stuff but the smaller stuff often comes with a whisper.   Make time for silence in your life so you can hear God's whispers as He delicately creates you into His complete creation.

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