Monday, February 9, 2009

I wrote my heart on Catholic Exchange

I wrote a piece about being the mother of a religious that is posted on Catholic Exchange today.  If you have the time read that instead of this.

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Anonymous said...

I read your article on Catholic Excahange. Though, I don't have any in religious life, yet(my son is only 6 1/2 and my daughter 8 1/2). My two oldest have already expressed that they feel God calling them to a life as a religious. The article helped me to accept that if God is truly calling them, I need to not be so worried about what others will think of their decision. My greatest fear is that others will think I am pushing them into this way of life. Thank you for putting my fears to rest and helping me to see that sometimes God gives us a long period of preparation because He knows it will take that long for us to accept His Will. God bless you and thank you for the sacrifice of your children for the Church.