Monday, April 6, 2009

Holy Week is here!

Every year I hope for a miracle.  Every Easter I hope that this is the year when I will arise on Easter Sunday perfectly holy.  Needless to say, that has never happened and I have no high hopes of it happening this year.  Not that God can't do it but I have come to accept that He prefers to work slowly.  I also have come to realize that what I want is work that takes no effort on my part!

While He is a God who can swiftly change the course of a river, He tends to work more carefully and delicately with a soul.  He wants so much to change us.  Not in a manner that makes us differently but in a manner that makes us more fully US.  In the same way that a cocoon makes the caterpillar more fully what God intended it to be - a butterfly.  

But that work takes a time doesn't it?  Allow God the time He needs but also give Him permission to do it.  Be willing to work with Him knowing that the end result is worth it.

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