Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Triduum in our house...

Under normal circumstances our house has pretty specific Holy Week-Triduum activities.  This year however, we are dealing with illness with 3-4 of my kids (depending on the day!).    But, I would like to share what we will be trying to do - with at least a few of the kids who are healthy and what we have done in the past.

In addition to our parish activities, in our house we will say the Stations of the Cross as a family on Friday.  Over the past few years I have had my kids illustrate the stations and we will hang those and use them for our focus.  It is very neat seeing the 2-3 years of drawings I have saved.  I can see both their progression as artists and in their understanding of each station.  I allow for a pretty free hand in the art so we have some realists and some impressionists.  

On Friday, we will enter silence in our home.  We will drape our pictures and statues in black and try our best to be with Christ both at the cross and in the tomb.  The older kids understand this better than the young ones so while we will do without any TV/computer/music for the older ones, I give the littles one a bit more latitude.

The older ones (12 and up) will watch "The Passion of the Christ" w/ Matt and I (probably on Friday).  We allow for the hiding of the eyes during the tough parts, as I do that as well.  

Throughout the three days - still trying to keep as silent as possible we will take turns - either together or alone - read all four of the tellings of the Passion.  I usually read just one to the younger ones while the older ones read all four on their own over the three days.  We'll then take some time to talk about it w/ them when the little one are asleep.  Also on Saturday we make our best attempt at a family rosary focusing on the Sorrowful Mysteries - if weather permits we'll do it outside.

Our goal through all of this is to remind the children that while Jesus' crucifixion took place historically at a specific time and in a specific place on a spiritual and eternal level, the cross remains for all time until we reach heaven.  Being with Jesus from the Last Supper until the stone is rolled away gives Him great comfort and us a great source of grace.

Be assured of my family's prayers this weekend.  Enjoy Sunday!!

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