Monday, April 27, 2009

Gathering Together - Helping Together

There is much to be said about the joy, fun and strength that can be had from gathering together.  You can see why Jesus sent his first followers out in pairs.  Everything is more enjoyable and more bearable when it is shared.  As our mothers and grandmothers were quick to remind us - "Many hands make light the work!"  

Such is true in life and in families, homeschooling and Little Flowers.  While I realize many great families are doing LF on their own, there are some really neat groups out there.  I had the chance to meet some of them in New Jersey this past weekend.  They are so enthusiastic, generous and inspiring.

When LF first began over ten years ago, little did I imagine it would become what it has.  Little Flowers also revealing the truth of the adage as it is also the work of many hands - from Joan Stromberg and Tracy Trembley to many others.  

It has also been proven by the spiritual help given from the Holy Spirit to the Blessed Mother to St. Therese herself by way of inspiration and direction.  There is also the watchful eye of God the loving Father.  Proving once again - 'many hands make light the work' - even if those hands are heavenly hands never actually seen but felt.  Hands and help felt strongly and powerfully, especially when time is spent with others who have the same love for Little Flowers.

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