Monday, April 20, 2009

Are you near New Jersey???

I am excited to attending the Chaplet Homeschooling Conference this weekend - the 25th - on behalf of Ecce Homo Press.  If you are near the area, please make plans to come by and say hello!

I will also be attending the Quiet Waters event up in Buffalo, NY (we'll be having a small LF time set aside to meet and greet each other) and the Family Learning Center event in Lancaster, PA (I'll be speaking here as well as trying to arrange a LF event as part of the picnic on Friday).

I'm writing this on the fly, so specific websites aren't readily available but I'll post those tomorrow.

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Mary B said...

I so want to go to Chaplet and to Buffalo but I just can't imagine it while we are running our first Conference.( I was thrilled to know that Ecce Homo would be coming to MA!)
We'll be praying for all who are traveling, speaking and listening.