Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holy Week is Coming

Just a bit of planning advice - in order to take full advantage of Holy Week why not make plans to get all the details and shopping done either this week or during the weekend.  

Take a look at the wardrobes for you and the kids.  Everyone have their clothes (including socks)? If you do Easter baskets have all the treats taken care of.  Menu planned for Easter Sunday?  Get the groceries now.  Having everything laid out and ready to go.  Plan who is getting a bath/shower and when.  Who is cooking, hiding the eggs, driving to Gramma's.  Be as detailed as you can.  Let the older ones know what is expected of them and assign tasks.  

Taking care of the worldly aspects of Easter allows us to focus on the spiritual aspects of Holy Week and Easter.  

And in light of that - make some real plans for this year's Holy Week.  Have you watched the Passion of the Christ?  Done the Stations of the Cross as a family (either in your home or at Church)?  What is being planned at your parish that you can take part in?  While I love the pretty dresses and can't get enough chocolate in my life - I know that my Lenten practices were for nothing if I don't make it to the finish line at the Garden.

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