Friday, May 1, 2009

Curbing our complaints

Let's face it - we have little to complain about.  I was pondering this reality as I was wiping up another mess, taking a child back to the doctor for a recheck on a broken elbow and wondering where was the best price for gas as it seems to be inching back up.

I found myself whining a bit - okay, a lot - when I heard God sigh.  Not really, but figuratively.  It was as if I could sense Him presence near me as I wiped and He was more than a little disappointed.  In my ear, I could hear Him say - "So what?!"  I sat back on my heels.  Did I just hear what I thought I did?  No words of comfort for my struggles, no sweet words of understanding just a shrug of the shoulders and a quite firm (yet, fatherly), "So what???"

I got it!  So what, if I have all that and more.  So what if I am being put out by these small tasks.  Sure, they were drudgery and sure they were annoying but SO WHAT!

Now, I may have blogged about this already (and have forgotten) but if so, it only goes to show that I have yet to climb out of this current rut of sin I have found myself in.  So, I will offer once again, the challenge to myself (and anyone else who wants to join me) that when life seems to be a struggle just step back, take another look and say - out loud - so what?!  

If what you are going through truly matters, and it may very well, then take a minute to ask for the grace and understanding to tackle it.  If it isn't a big deal, and often isn't, give yourself a shake by the collar and get to the job of life.  But without the complaints, please.  As I am sure now from my own experience that God would prefer not to hear them.

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