Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just something to ponder this Lent...

Like many of you, I find a great deal of solace and support from the publication, "Magnificat", www.magnificat.com.  

The meditation from March 8th is from an ancient text called "Angl0-Saxon Spirituality" (c. 660-1066).  It includes this amazing concept to ponder and wonder about.

"We all, good and evil, must look on our Lord on the Day of Judgement, but then there will be no person of the devil who will see any part of this glory and beauty.  But sinful people will then have to see the wounds and sores on our Lord and the marks of the nails with which he was nailed onto the cross, and no part of the bliss about which I spoke earlier, because now here in the world they were more unthankful for his great humility that they should have been.  Then Christ's saints will not be able to see any portion of the sores or the wounds on the lordly body, but there they will see on him the bliss and the beauty and the fairness, because here in the world they were thankful for his suffering and his humility with words and deeds."

I often wonder about Judgement Day.  My children have asked about it.  I've discussed it with my dh (dear husband) more than once.  My concerns come from my own humanness that attempts to avoid confrontation at all cost.  In my past, I especially struggled with trying to please people almost to the point of sinfulness - all to keep them happy.  

I am stronger now but still struggle.  This meditation gave me a very powerful imagery.  A wonderful goal to strive for and prayer to make my own:

Dear Lord, 
In your love and mercy, please show me now what I need to do to see you at the end of my life p in your glory not in pain.  When you have called me home, let me see you in all your glory and majesty.  Let not my sins reveal your injuries.  May my life be a source of thankfulness for all you have done for me. Amen

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