Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some good things are coming...

Really!!  I had the absolute pleasure of having a wonderful weekend (and business meeting) w/ Joan this past weekend.  We got to see our daughters, meet some wonderful LF moms from Ohio as well as make some plans for LF.

Keep your eyes out for a games book, the Honor Guard which will be a new format for older children (both LF and Blue Knights) to learn about making positive impacts on their families, their church and the world.  We are working on some new books including "Princesses You Can Believe In" which will be a series of stories on the real princesses of the Catholic faith.

We are also working at being present at a few conferences this summer.  I will post the info and dates when available so you might be able to come.  We'd love to meet all of you!

In light of these new projects your prayers and support is needed.  We always want to be sure that whatever we do is first and foremost God's will.   We always want the LF garden to grow as the Master Gardener would like.  May we never stray from His vision for the program and for our families.

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