Friday, January 9, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

Without much else to write about - a bit of writer's block, I guess - I thought I would let you know things I like so you might know a bit more about me.  These are coming in no particular order but just as they fall out of my head....

In regards to my faith life - I really like  At times, I even have a piece there but I really like the other authors as well.  I am becoming more of a fan of St. Francis de Sales.  We are pleased to have their 'retirement' home nearby so our parish often has these marvelous priests as weekend help.  I am a big fan of praying constantly and can be found mumbling intercessions for my children as I pair up their socks.

In my free time (what a phrase that is coming from a homeschooling mother of 11!), I like to read, watch movies and just be w/ my husband.  (boy, do I sound like a personal ad, or what??!!).

I like to wear skirts most of time unless it is really cold - like it is right now - then I wear pants. I also like cardigan sweaters - something that really annoys my 14 yr. old daughter who will now not wear them because they are 'mom clothes'.

I like to cook but I am not great (I tend to dry out meats if I am not really careful).  I love to bake but rarely make time to do anything more than cookies or quick breads.

But most importantly, I really, really like being a mom of a large family, Catholic and married to my husband.  And beyond that, whatever I may like or not like those items are the most important. 

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Sam said...

I Agree...and I love the posts about these are my favorite things!!!