Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Joys of Ordinary Time

Welcome to Ordinary Time.  I will admit that I like the sound of that.  While I truly enjoy all the feasts, music and excitement of Advent, Christmas and soon to come Lent and Easter, there is a calm about Ordinary Time that I crave.

During the holy days of the holidays I can get so caught up trying to make sure I do it all that I can end up in a tizzy of activities w/ no follow-through or thought.  I do a St. Lucy's day event but do I ponder what it means.  No even so much for my kids but for me.  Jesus as Light of the World!

Ordinary time is different. While there's a saint for everyday to celebrate and learn from, I feel no pressure to make sure I do.  I can go more calmly through my days, walking with Christ from day to day rather than running with Him from moment to moment.

I like to think of Jesus walking in the country-side w/ his followers, telling them stories and listening to theirs.  They pause in the heat of the day to rest in the shade of a tree.  They spend time together between the commotion of the stable and upcoming pain of the cross.  May we do the same.

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