Monday, January 12, 2009

Check out Catholic Exchange today

I just wrote that CE is one of my favorite on-line places -  Today is no different as their cover piece, "Of Treacheries, Tykes, and the Trinity" is a wonderful overview of the 'overpopulation' movement, population control and more.  If you have any older girls you may decide to talk about the piece with them as there are names there they should know including Thomas Malthus and Margaret Sanger.  

Our children's generations have been forever changed by the loss of peers and playmates.  As we look at how great our children are and what potential they have to truly change the world, I wonder what the lost children of abortion may have accomplished given the chance.

Give it a read, you may learn something new or just be given the confirmation of strength in knowing that the teachings of the Church are true.

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