Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother's Day is Coming, I am heading North

 I am heading off this weekend to see my three older children, all pursuing/discerning religious life up in the New England area.  Now, before I hear any 'aah, you must be so proud', which I am, there also comes a mistaken belief that this is somehow due to my parenting.  

I want to make it perfectly clear here that Matt and I have always felt that the path our children are undertaking have been in spite of our parenting and not because of it.  Honestly, just ask any of my kids. 

But, I also know that Matt and I have done a few things that are worth sharing that might help you and your family:

-Give God permission - daily - to have full access to your children.  This sounds so basic, but many parents are resistant to a religious vocation in their family.  There may be many reasons for this but they need to be examined and set aside.  God gave you your children and His plan for them - including religious life - is what will make them happy.  Don't you want happy kids?

-Show a great love and respect for religious life in your home.  Don't speak harshly or negatively about religious.  This isn't to say that you and your spouse might have discussions about real situations and concerns about the leadership in your parish or other issues but not in front of the kids.

-See religious life as a viable vocation.  You shouldn't/can't push your child into religious life as they will end up resenting you and the Church but you should certainly open the door as you are the only one who can.  Middle school or high school guidance counselors aren't likely to bring it up on career day are they?

-Ask Mary and Joseph to help you raise your kids.  They did a good job w/ their boy Jesus didn't they?  You can trust them with your own.

There is an obvious need for vocations.  God is still calling; He is just hoping someone will be listening and will answer "yes" when He calls.

So, I'm off.  Look for a new post next week and I'll let you all know what a great time I had.  God Bless, Rachel

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Mary B said...

Hope you have a lovely visit up here! Unfortunately the weather isn't pleasant but I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing your children.