Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Sash and a Prayer

Wow! I just want to let all you Little Flowers leaders and girls know that we've added nearly 2000 new Little Flowers this year! 

I have a lovely team of young ladies who help me make all those new sashes: my daughter Maggie cuts them out and Mary Beth, Emily and I sew them. We try to say a prayer for each one we make: a prayer that the little girl who wears the sash may grow in virtue and faith and become an authentic Catholic woman. 

Have you had your "sashing ceremony" yet? The new Little Flowers Girls' Club Ceremony and Prayer book has some great ideas for one. Don't forget to tell the girls that a prayer has been said for them by the makers of the sashes, too. We love all our Little Flowers!

To order prayer book:

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