Thursday, October 23, 2008

Managing Illness

There is nothing that makes you realize God's love for you more than when a child is sick.  My littlest guy has an awful cold which has made his days and night awful.  As there are no OTC medicines available (where they really all that bad??  I remember when they were available at least I was able to get a few hours of sleep for them - and me).

So, here I am holding him almost 24/7.  He sleeps better upright against my chest.  I can gauge his fever as he presses his head against me, and if he falls deep into sleep I can sometimes slip into bed w/ him for a few hours of sleep.  He is pretty miserable and I am miserable for him but I do not stop in doing what I need to do for him.  I am a mom, it is what I must do.

And then there is God.  He holds us closely, never letting us sleep alone.  We are restless in His arms, squirming to get down and then climbing back up knowing it is only there that rest is possible.  He feels our foreheads w/ his lips and knows when we are sick.  Our sins create fevers in our body and soul but He provides the medicine of His own Son's body and blood.  He will bathe us in the grace of confession and we can be healed.  He will never stop doing what He needs to do for us.  He is a father and that is what He must do.

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Anonymous said...

this is so true i feel so bad for you and your baby hope he gets better and always remember god will do whats best for you and your baby i hope your baby will get better soon and you will get some sleep

good luck to you and your baby