Wednesday, October 29, 2008 hope!

My little guy is finally feeling like himself.  He actually left my lap for almost a 1/2 hour to play with his big brothers and sisters.  It is good to hear his laugh and see his smile (he has my dimples!).

Thank you for the prayers.  I know I couldn't have survived the past few nights without them.  

Now, keep praying as we all are, for the upcoming election.  God's will be done.


Sam said...

So glad he is feeling get here quick before the two of us undergo months of colds and flus!!! Yikes...winter...being locked up in a house full of sick kids...not looking forward to that!!!+JMJ+sam

Nancy said...

Great to hear!

Did you receive the copy of Olivia and the Little Way that I sent? I just want to make sure I had the address correct. Thanks!