Sunday, January 10, 2010

To Be Like Mary...

While we are celebrating the Year for the Priests (have you downloaded your FREE info from us yet??), I am going to focus my year on trying to be more like Mary, the Mother of God.

She is after all our best role model after Christ and being that we are both women and mothers, I often find her a bit more accessible. I can find myself talking to her throughout my day, asking her to take my concerns to her Son. No one can refuse their mother can they?? As many have said before me - "Through Mary to Christ".

As I look at her life I am struck with both the simplicity of the lessons she offers and how deep we can take those lessons. The first lesson I need to take to heart is her obedient docility to what is being asked of her. She is asked by God, through an angel, which would certainly sway any answer I would give, but what she is asked would give anyone pause. She is asked to bear a child, a son though she 'knows no man'.

Yet, she says yes. Her fiat comes without pause and often my fiats, when they come, come haltingly, hesitatingly and not without demands and a good deal of whining.

This first month I will be striving to be more docile to the requests made of me - from God, from my husband and my children. While I will not concede to every and any request as my children, friends and even my spouse are not God or angels (such as the third request for another cookie), I can certainly say yes to many of their simple (and do-able) requests that are merely a delay to my plans or my idea of how the hour should go.

And Mary could say the same couldn't she? Surely, the arrival of the angel and his message isn't how she expected her hour, day or life to go and yet she said yes!

I am the handmaid of the Lord, she says. May I have the ability to repeat those same words more frequently than I do at this time.

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