Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

One of my resolutions to be more consistent on my blogging. As you all know, I am not. In giving this some real prayer I have come to admit that I am not a super Mom despite my deep desire to be one. No, I am just a regular Mom who has failings, sins and a lousy memory.

With that in mind, I am committing to blogging every Sunday with a new piece for your consideration. I hope to write something what will give you pause for the week, something to take to prayer or back to your group. It might be a something I've read or come across of a spiritual nature or of a more human nature such as a new game or craft idea. In the end, I want to write pieces that will make your vocation easier and help you to be glad you are a mother, a Catholic and one of God's gardeners.

For that is what we all are after all - we are God's gardeners - assisting him in our own little plot of earth; not unlike Adam and Eve. He has given us a piece of Iowa, Michigan, Florida or (in my case) Maryland and we are being asked to take care of it and be good stewards.

And, just like Adam and Eve, there are snakes in our garden. We have to keep an eye out for them, know what they look like and refuse - REFUSE - to talk to them! When we see them and hear their whispers we don't ever think we can do conquer them on our own.

We need to call on Christ and ask Him - much like we do our husbands when it is a spider in the corner (or am I the only one who does this) - to please come over and crush its head! I hope I can offer you some encouragement, ideas and support for your gardening adventures and ask you to feel free to offer your own!

So, welcome to a new year. Look for a new post on every Sunday and let me know what you think!

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