Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Book I really like

I was asked to review "Olivia and the Little Way" by Nancy Carabio Belanger.  I will admit I was hesitant as I have been asked to read and review other Catholic materials that I found disappointing.

Not so with this book.  This book - recommended for 8 and up - is a really nice book, wonderfully Catholic.  It tells the story of Olivia and her new school, her introduction to St. Therese and the Little Way.  I honestly will say I really liked it being a 'modern' story w/ modern struggles and challenges.  Our daughters need to see their faith as it plays out in a life that might be their own and Olivia just might be that girl.

Both my 14 yr. old and 10 yr. old have read it and both enjoyed it very much.  While the 14 yr. old recognized that it was written for girls a bit younger than herself it was, as she said, "a really good book and I learned more about St. Therese and met her on a personal level than a paragraph in a saint's book."

My 10 yr. old says, "I loved it.  It really touched me and now I love St. Therese and I am inspired to try to do better and try to treat Mom and Dad a bit better."  (Boy, what parent doesn't want to hear that!!!!)  My 8 yr. old is next in line and I'm eager to see how she likes the book as I think she and St. Therese will get along very well.

I am not the type of person who says - Go out and buy this book now!  But with Christmas right around the corner this would make a great present!  You can go to for more info.

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jenniferg said...

Thanks I think I might buy that for my 8 year old, she is an avid reader and I am trying to stay ahead of her on finding good books that are appropriate