Friday, November 14, 2008

I've got a piece on Catholic Exchange

If you have the time, please check out my piece on "The Shack" on Catholic Exchange today.  This subject - Catholic books vs. non-Catholic books is one I have pondered and thought about for a long time.  

If you read the piece you will certainly know how I feel about the subject.  I have grave concerns about handing anyone a 'Christian' book without making sure it is not heretical in any form.  And that is not always easy to determine - at least for me.

I think we must be especially careful when it comes to our kids.  I know friends who let their kids read the "Left Behind" series because it was 'Christian' not willing to admit that it taught a really, troublesome heresy (and was anti-Catholic in some places).  

In the comment section of the piece on CE, someone asked about C.S. Lewis.  I feel his writings would pass muster in that while he was not a Catholic, none of his writings said anything that went against Catholic teachings.  

Something to think about.

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Nancy P. said...

I cannot seem to find this article after looking a bit on Catholic Exchange. would you consider sharing the link? Thanks.