Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Parish Group?

Are you thinking about starting a Little Flowers Girls Club at your parish? Would you like to present it to your pastor or religious education coordinator? We have a FREE CD just for parish presentations you can request by sending an email to: Please include your parish name, your name and address you wish to have the CD sent.

The CD includes samples of all our products including pages of the Little Flowers, Blue Knights, Hospitality and Honor Guard programs. It includes a copy of our catalog, brochures and a powerpoint to present to the parish, with an overview of the programs and how to get them started in your parish. All this is FREE and you don't have to order a thing before seeing the material. Get yours today!

1 comment:

Gardenia said...

wonderful. just what I'm looking for. I talked with my pastor last wek about starting a LF club and he asked me to put together some information. I'll request the CD.