Sunday, March 14, 2010

Are you asking for your inheritance now?

Today's gospel is so familiar that I was taken off guard when, during Mass, I was struck by a new thought - am I asking God for my inheritance early?

The first son is so easy to 'not like'. He is eager to cast his father aside, run away from where he knows all is well, food is plentiful and life is good! He is not content to wait for his inheritance, he wants it NOW!

I have found, at times, that I am the first son who is standing at his father's feet with his hand out demanding his inheritance. I am not content to wait.

And what is our inheritance - heaven! Heaven!! That is what is waiting for us when we are done here. But, I want heaven now! Not only do I want it - I expect it!!

I want my life to be perfect, I want no more tears, no more illness, no more sorrow and I want it now! I refuse to accept, to believe that my expectation is not only as greedy as the son but impossible to grant. I am asking God for what I cannot have. What He cannot give because it is not for now, it is for later - forever! But, every day I demand it and every day I find ways to blame others (and God) when heaven is not here. And the results of my demands, my impatience for my inheritance is as awful for me and my family as it was for the son. Perhaps, even worse.

What does my impatience create? Stress and a lack of acceptance! I am short-tempered, harsh on myself and my family. I want heaven now and perfection now! In my greed for the future, I am missing out on the now, on what I am supposed to be doing right now. I am losing out on those 'immediate moments of holiness' that come along every moment, every day. So eager for what God has promised me for tomorrow, I am missing out on what He needs from me today!

Expecting my inheritance, heaven, now, demanding it now is a sign of disrespect for not only God but for all those around me. My inheritance is there - heaven is waiting.

Let us practice patience for ourselves and for our daughters by living a life that works hard on today knowing that our reward, our inheritance is waiting. Reminding ourselves of that truth, that reality will help us be more focused mothers and teachers. Let us keep our eyes on today and know that God has taken care of tomorrow!

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