Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Book Available NOW!

The Wreath I Virtue Stories is now available! Full of adventures and valuable lessons, this book comtains stories of virtues as they apply to young girls' lives. There is a story for each virtue in Wreath I an deach is based on real events...allowing the girls to relate to them on a very real level! Each story ends with discussion questions. They can be read and discussed as a group or read simply for individual enjoyment!

Click here to order! SPECIAL OFFER just in time for Christmas ordering: Order a Little Flower Doll and get the Virtue Book for 1/2 price! These dolls correspond to the characters in the book: Maggie, Mary Rose and Teesa. Offer is good for online orders only and expires November 15, 2009. Enter coupon code: VIRTUEDOLL on checkout.

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