Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome to a new year of Little Flowers! Book Club, anyone?

I will apologize for being neglectful of the blog this summer. The pool was too inviting, my children were too fun to be with and there was my 25th wedding anniversary to plan! All of this involved getting all 11 children home for a visit for the first time in almost 3 years....

So, I apologize for not being more active. In wanting to give this blog more commitment and quality I took this situation to adoration. I have discovered that time before the tabernacle can result in some amazingly good ideas. Jesus truly is interested in all the minute details of our lives and is eager to put His two cents into anything and everything - we just have to be willing to let Him.

As a result of this prayer time, I was inspired to offer this spot as a place for a little bit of a book club. A chance for me to read a good book and share my thoughts on it. I would like to read books that are helpful in learning about being a Catholic - but especially a Catholic wife and mother. You are welcome, most welcome to join me and offer your own insights or you can just read vicariously through me.

The first book? It seems obvious - The Autobiography of Saint Therese of Lisieux - The Story of a Soul. I'm using the John Beevers translation published by Image Doubleday in 1989. I have read this book before - several times. I read in preparation for the very beginning of Little Flowers and since as new wreaths have come about. But I was inspired to read it again. This time, I am going to read solely as a wife and mother. A woman looking for greater insight in being a better wife and mother.

I'll be posting some quotes from the book that strike a cord with me from the place I am at this time. As I said, I'd love some company for this journey so feel free to read along and let me know what you think of the book, what I write and more.

I'll be posting most evenings except on the weekend unless really inspired. I hope you can be inspired as well.

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