Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Program for Catholic Girls!

Hi all,

This is an official announcement that Ecce Homo Press will have available this fall a new Catholic Program for girls! The Little Women Hospitality Program by Anne Milligan Callaghan will be available for girls ages 10 and up. The Hospitality Program will offer charms that the girls will earn as they practice different aspects of hospitality. Just like the old fashioned "finishing school," or, dare I say it, "charm school," these girls will learn the fine art of serving others through hospitality.
Using examples of scripture, Our Lady, literature and practical lessons, the girls will learn the basics of cleaning, cooking, setting and clearing a table, correspondence, table manners and conversation, preparing a room for a guest, planning a party, sewing and modesty, and hospitality to others.
This beautiful program is perfect for those of you who have finished the first three years of Little Flowers Girls' Club and aren't quite ready for Wreath IV (the Confirmation preparation year). Or perhaps you have older girls who have done the Wreaths and are looking for something new. This is a beautiful new program for you, too.
Like Little Flowers Girls' Club, this program is independently run and organized. You run it to the best needs of your situation and girls. It can be used in a home setting, homeschool setting and adapted for school or after-school use also.
The program will be ready by the end of July, so keep checking the for updates!

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