Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sew, don't glue

Just a quick reminder that the Little Flowers Girls' Patches are meant to be sewn on, not glued or ironed on. I've received numerous phone calls in the last few weeks complaining that that hot glue has destroyed badge and/or sash or that badges were ironed on and subsequently lost.

The best way to attach a patch is to sew it on with a machine using clear, monofiliment thread in the top and white thread in the bobbin. If you don't have a machine, perhaps your group has a mom who is willing to do this for the group instead of planning a craft, bringing a snack or leading a lesson. If there is no one in the group willing to sew on patches, a local alteration tailor or dry cleaner usually is willing to do it for a small fee. It will save you money and little girls' tears if you sew the patches on rather than chance it with other methods.

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Anonymous said...

We read that the badges should be sewed on, and we used that as an activity to practice sewing. Each of our daughters sews on her badges she has earned. We just used regular colored thread, and although we had a little trouble finding the right orange and turquoise, everything else was in our sewing kit! The girls really loved sewing on their badges, and they have a feeling of accomplishment about doing it themselves!