Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another Great Badge Ceremony Idea

From Sherry Howell from the LFGCLeader's Yahoogroup's archives.

I've taken to writing a badge ceremony booklet for each badge for our group.The different parts are assigned for the girls to read aloud before westart. Some parts are read by the leaders.
We start with the Prayer to St. ThereseWe then have three girls light three candles (one each) for the threetheological virtues (Act of Faith, Hope, and Love)
Next is the review of the badge work -- what the virtue is all about,everyone recites the memory verse, we talk about what activities we did toreinforce the badge, and one of the girls reads a short biography about thesaint for the badge.
To present the badges, we call each girl forward with her parent (or othersubstitute), and safety pin her badge on her sash. (They can be sewn on later.)
We close with a prayer and a song.
We then do refreshments/social time afterward.Our group only meets once a month, and we only do three badges a year, so it's not as burdensome as if we were doing all nine badges in single year.
We've been doing badge ceremonies this way for the last four badges, andthey have been very well received.SherryHowell, NJ

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