Sunday, February 24, 2008


I know it sounds odd that I would start a discussion of virtues with this first virtue in Wreath 3, but I've noticed that a lot of clubs are beginning their year of virtues in January rather the traditional Fall months (for which I am very grateful!). On top of that, I get quite a few calls and emails a year wondering what in the world is "Eutrapalia?" Moms can't find it on line or in the dictionary or encyclopedia. Well, gues what? I did find it in a dictionary. My son brought home a Greek/English dictionary and there, under the E's is Eutrapelia. It is basically, "good wit," "gaiety" or "pleasantness." Rachel calls it, "Modest Relaxation" in the Wreath 3 Leader's Guide. (for a more thorough explanation, please see this manual).

It reminds me of a Marie Bellet song on her CD, Lighten Up that my children say is "my song." Mother, you are worried about very many things. Sometimes we, too, have to Lighten Up and make sure we see the joy in our our families, our parishes and our Little Flowers groups, too! As with all the rest of the virtues, we, as the LFGC leaders, we need to lead by example and show the girls Eutrapelia even before we teach it. That way, when they see our example, they'll have a really good idea what the virtue is all about.

BTW, Eutrapelia is spelled wrong on the badges, which we'll fix the next go around. But, as my dad always said..."It's all Greek to me!"

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